WWIII Imminent, are Globalists Behind Sabotage on the Nord Stream Pipeline?

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EU official speculation, Russia attacked a NATO country’s infrastructure. This sabotage is considered an act of war. According to the Prime minister of Denmark, a founding member of NATO, the Gas pipelines are sabotaged. They detect two massive explosions blowing up the Nord Stream One Pipeline. There are also problems with the North Stream Two pipeline.
This detected blast comes months after Joe Biden announced he would “End” The North Stream Pipeline if Russia invades Ukraine.

I just finished reading the magazine “Der Siegel” from Germany, which mentions that the CIA warned Berlin of a possible attack on the Nord Stream Pipeline. These type of warnings brought to you by the Fake News is used to set a precedent for a war narrative.

Who has the motive to destroy the Nord Stream Pipeline infrastructure and bring WWIII closer?

It is weird how the CIA and NATO are blaming Russia for this. First, Russia officially announced it would close the gas pipelines if Europe continued sanctions against Russia. They made this announcement reality on September 2nd (according to many newspaper headlines such as the Guardian). Suddenly, there is news three weeks later that Special forces dropped 100-ton TNT bombs on the Russian Nord Stream Pipeline.

One of the explosions was so powerful it caused a small earthquake and destroyed the Nord Stream Pipeline. So why would Russia go to the length to go to the territory of Denmark to blow up their gass pipeline?

Here is were it gets really weird;