Elon Musk vs. Zelensky, Twitter AI Bots Alert.

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Musk tweeted with his own Twitter Poll Elon Musk Peace Suggestion Tweet.
Humanity should praise entrepreneurs like Elon Musk. His vision for a better world and the execution to make the world a better place are astonishing. The last image I can get out of my head is Elon Musk in swimming shorts showing his skin whiter than a milk bottle. This white, out-of-shape body is what sleeping on your factory floor and never making time for yourself does.

I understand it is frustrating for people like him that people with far less brain capacity could mess up humanity living on earth.
It did not take long, and the response from Zelensky came. In the usual rhetoric, Zelensky and his cronies accuse Musk of being a Putin lover. This response from Zelensky is ironic, considering that Elon Musk might have caused the war prolongation.

What if Zelensky’s regime did not have satellite communications through the donated StarLink Sattelites access from Elon Musk? The outcome of the War between Ukraine and Russia could already be in favor of Russia.
Zelensky responded to Elon's tweet.

Full-on retarded untrue dangerous propaganda on how to protect yourself against a Nuclear Strike.
One of the mentioned instructions is to remove your Nuclear contaminated clothing, to keep nuclear dust and contamination from your body, wtf? Here comes grandma with a handkerchief.

Here is what you should know about Fake Media.
They push you to feel guilty if you have a neutral stance on this War to avoid a nuclear war. To see how ridicule’s their propaganda is for justifying a nuclear war, do not look further than the warning video about what to do to protect yourself in case atomic bombs go off.
Do you think the Ukraine Press is independent (only one pro-Zelenksy Media Corporation from his boss Kolomosiky is left) in bringing you the news?

Check this out.. https://basboon.com/elon-musk-vs-zel...ai-bots-alert/