Dog and Funny Baby Dirty Diapers Prank Fails.

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The last school day is a long holiday for the kids in Isan, Thailand. The Boon Family makes short trips before heading to Pattaya for a minor holiday.
Just before the trip, Papa Bas Boon watches Tv with Ken Boon until he smells something awful.

These “accidents” can happen with babies, so papa changes the dirty diaper for Baby Ken, and all is good until a second huge, loud fart sounds like a bomb.
Papa doesn’t dare to look under the blanket. The bed, mattress, blankets, and papa’s clothing are horrific; it’s a sea of diarrhea from Ken Boon’s particular recipe. Funny, Kato Boon is playing with a dog outside and smells it too.

The stench is unbearable, and Kato Boon and Conan can’t stop laughing with the other kids. How can this newborn from a couple of months old be such a shit factory?
Kato and Conan certainly must have set some baby crap records, but Baby Ken is just surpassing all of that. Oh, God, I hope this will not be some extraordinary talent.

Good, this was the second production of the day; you would think this baby is pretty empty by now. Half an hour before we are home, the girlfriend of mama Rak gets a Ken special, the same loud, long fart, and the immediate penetrating rotten egg Oder. This is way worse than the waste of a dog or a pig.
Another Ken Bomb goes off in the car.
The kids scream in the car, and once they are out, they all call, shit, shit while keeping squeezing their noses. The Boon brothers are having a blast. They love their latest brother, Ken. The dirty diapers from Ken become the talk of the day.

When they are at home, Kato is pulling pranks, and his first victim is his older niece, who suddenly stares at a massive live crab while eating dinner. Later Kato is chasing a dog with water. The same becomes hilariously funny when instant Karma comes to the little Boon rascal.
The day ends with the Boon Brothers visiting the stables as several mama pigs give birth to little newborn piglets. Even at the pig’s tables, where hundreds of pigs produce a lot of waste, the smell of Baby Ken is still swarming in our noses.

These funny fails by Kato Boon are very funny. Get ready for a laugh but make sure you have a strong stomach for this one, it’s not a prank.