Paul Pelosiís LGBTQIA Attacker, Hammer Time for U.S. 2022 Midterm!

Read the story here. lees hier:

Two movies on one screen, here comes the Pelosiís. Their alleged junky Son was in the news, and the latest scandalous D.U.I. ďaccidentĒ by drunken father Paul Pelosi, the husband of Nancy Pelosi. Alcohol, drugs, and insider trading are controlling this sick family.
The official mainstream media story and narrative is that a Trump M.A.G.A. supporter broke into the home of Nancy Pelosi to kill Nancy for political reasons. No release of camera footage from the Police, house security, and street cameras? I smell a Smollet Hoax just before the Midterm elections.

Suddenly both men are holding a hammer.
Now The Guardian says that the Police saw both men upholding a hammer, man its hammer time, Hammers everywhere. Paul must have found one on his toilet by accident while taking a dump. While DePapa gripped the hammer from the desk or the hammer he brought. You never know if your sex partner might have a hammer in the toilet.

So, in this garbage ďnewspaper,Ē they both have a hammer, and while the Police are there (perfect timing), David grabs the hammer of Paul and now assaults Paul with two hammers. DePape waited for the Police and needed at least two hammers to give Paul one strike, which caused him to fracture his skull. Before that, Paul was fine. The Police had a bad influence on David and made him angry and violent.

The attacker waited till Paul was done from the toilet, as a decent, honorable assassin would do. While Paul was in the bathroom, David kept asking where Nancy was; where is Nancy? I will bet you anything like the so-called minor car accident; we will hear the truth soon. The Paul Pelosi car accident is a hit and run by Paul, the drunken driver. The accident was horrific, and somebody got seriously injuredónot a word by the mainstream media.

L.G.B.T.Q.I.A lover and nudist advocate, David DePape.
Important to mention is that David DePape also recorded a nude wedding of Gypsy Taub. According to many who knew him, he was a nudist activist and bisexual. Gypsy Taub married a man named Jaymez Smith in 2013.

There is a photo of Depape with Smith and his three kids watching ďsouth parkĒ. This must but thrilling for the LGBTQIA community, but I expect protests and controversy about why the attacker did not get LGBTQIA initials in the headlines. This discrimination has to stop.