Sam Bankman “FTX” and TikTok Changed US Elections.

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This Harry Potter weirdo chick with Nerd Soy Boy Vegan Sam stole 10 billion. The world has gone mad.
El Salvador parked their bitcoin at FTX. The poor people tried cryptocurrency to free themself from the inflation spook. Now a “Harry Potter” nerd group just made that all vanish. All for the poor?

If there ever is a perfect example of how democrats think, handle and rule the world, do not look further than these two democratic weasels. Sam “The Vegan” and his “Harry Potter” girlfriend. Good “virtue signaling” people who claim to have high grounds. These people care and donate to the environment to prevent climate change. To stand up for the vulnerable and help poor people and their misfortune. It’s a scam, a hoax. It’s fake, just like the fake media.
But there is more when you, as a peasant, could not see your grandparents dying and have an ordinary farewell. Two hundred people in Congress took Ivermectin. An guess who funded the big-anti-ivermectin “study”- yes, there is that name again, Vegan Soy Boy self-proclaimed Robin Hood Sam Bankman-Fried.

But there is more;