Baby Food, Ducks, Circus pigs, Snakes, Farm, and Boon Kids.

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It is a busy day at the Boon Family Farm in Isan, Thailand. On the way to the pig stables, Kato Boon spots a giant snake. Papa explains why they have to get rid of the snakes. There are too many. When they arrive at where all the ducks hang out, funny kid Kato Boon says that the ducks don't like each other. Papa explains that this is normal behavior for ducks making love.

Now, if you have never seen ducks making love, here is your chance. Ever wonder where the term "lame duck" comes from? Look no further than when the male duck finishes making love. And the new Boon Family Circus Pigs. These scenes will make you cry laughing.

Time to hit the pig stables. The pure bloodline male pig breeding machine "Rocky" is showing an incredible performance today. He is a female pig number six and shows no signs of slowing down. The balls of this monster pig are off the chart. These are the most oversized pearls you have ever seen. There are no testicles like these. Rocky can't fail.

Yoga Pig, Funny Ducks, and Baby Ken

After the ducks and Rocky, the funny tour continues when papa Bas Boon shows a "circus "pig. This mother pig is practicing yoga. It is the funniest thing you ever see. It is a contortionist pig who sits down as well on his behind. Try not to laugh is tricky.
Baby Ken Boon is producing bomb "shits," and Papa has to clean it up. No diaper is big enough for baby Ken Boon. Itís also the first-time baby Ken gets regular food instead of milk. Get ready for a rollercoaster of funny scenes. Finally, father Bas Boon is amazed to see Kato Boon and Conan Boon cozy together, snuggled up on the couch. It's so good to see the Boon brothers like this. And it is, it does not take too long, and there is a chase going on. Kato must say sorry to his brother, but before he can do this, Conan takes revenge.

Papa is laughing, thinking about the lame ducks and Rocky. When Bas Boon finishes his shower at the end of the day, he hears his name, Papa Bas, Papa Bas; The kids inform Papa that Ken produces another "message," and he needs Papa. It looks like the diaper exploded. Oh no, no, not again.