The Boon Family's funniest moments in Thailand.

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The beginning of the New Year has to end with highlights of the old year.
This video is the second highlight compilation best-off video from the Boon family to kick-start 2023. A roller-coaster of funny moments with Kato Boon, Conan Boon, and little Ken. Papa Bas Boon and Mama Rak struggle as parents to keep the fast-growing up kids under control. It is hilarious to watch one prank and joke after another. Try Not To laugh is tricky. The fails in Thailand of the Boon Family in this video are hilarious and will make you laugh.
As a YouTuber, I look forward to the year 2023.

The past year we saw newborn Ken Boon make his way into the Boon family with a unique talent. I can't mention the skill because of the YouTube algorithm, but you can see this for yourself. I decided to make this second highlight video because there was so much footage. With better editing skills under my belt and Kato and Conan growing up fast, the new year for the Boon Family will be a blast. The funniest moments videos give an excellent summary of the last year in Thailand. If you like to laugh, follow the Boon family, and this funniest-moment video will make your day.

If you are the perfect role model parent, do not watch these videos; you will get irritated. Many shorts video is going viral and is trending on social media. This new year is a challenge to make even better and more videos. The Boon Family is becoming more and more popular. Papa Bas Boon has to practice hours of yoga to keep cool. Mama Rak is doing her best, but with these three sons, a regiment of soldiers would need help controlling the situation. The Isan in Thailand might be too small for the Boon family. Funniest moments in Thailand.