Boon Family Adventure: A Year of Change in Thailand?

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The Boon Family wishes all people a happy and healthy New Year. This video shows the first week of the famous Isan family celebrating the new year at their home in Pattaya, Thailand.
Funny, Kato Boon says he no longer wants to live in Isan. The little enfant terrible loves the sun and pools. So how did the funny Boon family celebrate the start of the new year in Thailand?
The whole Boon Family, including Conan and Ken Boon, are visiting a nearby island. Even in high season, there are very few people on the beautiful island. There are endless white beaches and clear seawater.

Back at home from the island trip, brat kid Kato Boon breaks the sleeping crib from brother Ken Boon. Papa Bas Boon angry, no, no, no say sorry; for the ego's not to worry. Ok, in this case very difficult for Papa.
Time for a swim in the yard at the Boon residence. Kato Boon can't even swim but is learning Saltos! Just before the weekends, the Boons visit Thailand's newly remodified Colombia Pictures Pattaya Waterpark. The swim fun gets disturbed when the brothers need to break things. Papa fails to control the situation, but it's very funny when you are a Kato Boon fan.

I know kids need to wear seatbelts in the car, and they did. But in the last part of the trip, Papa has to unleash the Boon brothers. The brat kids dance in the car as they arrive at their holiday home.
If you like this video, subscribe to our channel and push the notifications bell. Be happy, Be Healthy, and Be Good. Try Not to laugh is tricky. This family adventure is the perfect start to the year. The million-dollar question? Will Kato Boon finally start behaving himself in the new year? The Boon Family on YouTube is the most unique viral trending real family. Happy New Year.