Dinosaur Adventure with Jurassic Boon Family in Thailand.

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-w3ehfM1dpQ

The Dinosaur Nong Nooch Valley location is near Pattaya, Thailand.
This video shows the Boon Family visiting the Nong Nooch Garden in Pattaya, Thailand. It is an excellent adventure for the kids.
The park is impressive, and it is full of the dinosaur. Kato Boon and Conan Boon love dinosaurs and canít believe their eyes.
Mama Rak and her girlfriends come to life in the magical gardens. Rak even gets love from two Thai Elephants who know their way with their trunks.
The Boon Brothers are on the loose. Papa is in a constant chase. Kato Boon goes from the path; Conan Boon sits on a dinosaur. Papa Bas Boon is exhausted, not the adventure he hoped for. I want a toy says, Kato. No answers, papa! Seeing how the funny Boon Brothers canít get enough from this Jurassic Dinosaur adventure is hilarious.

Boon Kids Dinosaur Adventure is exhausting and fails.

When papa and mama take a break, the Brothers start arguing and wrestling over a water bottle. It never stops. Conan thinks playing hide and seek in the park is a clever idea. Papa Bas is at his ends wit. Yes, yes, Say Sorry for the egos, not to worry.
Conan Boon must think a dinosaur park is a running place as he runs on every occasion. Donít do this, donít do that. Try Not To laugh is tricky.
The brat kids keep making life for the Boon parents problematic.

On our way back home, everybody is exhausted except baby Ken Boon. He gets one of his famous urgent toilet matters. Can papa Bas stop on time and avoid a disaster? Ken Boon becomes his meme, the next fail.
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