Valentin's Love from Thailand with Boon Kids

Watch the video here, kijk hier:

The last time papa Bas Boon celebrated Valentin's Day in Isan, Thailand, he pranked mama Rak. Remember, papa bought a chocolate egg, "Kinder Egg," for mama and kept a golden chain in his pocket? It does not fail to have its effect, haha?
The Boon kids love the activities for Valentinís Day at their school. They have several trampolines set up and many fun things to do. The different classes from the school of Kato Boon and Conan are all performing on stage. There are dragon dancers, and many are practicing "Taiko" the Boon Brothers love these Japanese drums.

Papa Bas Boon has the usual problems with his brat sons. They are all over the place, like standing a few feet away from the artist who perform at their school. You can command the Boon children to sit with their other classmates. That advice is to deaf man's ears. So, the two-enfant terrible kids
gave themselves the privilege of a front-row suite. They start to like Valentinís now.
Kato Boon, the new "singing" talent from Thailand.

When brat kid Kato Boon does participate in an activity with his Thai school class, he has to be and is the loudest kid of the Isan. The town Sawang Dean Din has a new talent. Buckle up your ears.

Kids love the trampoline, but it's crazy busy, so the Boon Family kids have the solution. Sneak out when nobody is watching and use the whole trampoline for themselves. It is hilarious to see them having fun. They are celebrating Valentin's day in Boon style.
Incredible lovely footage from inside a Thai school, all the kids are performing, showing off their latest skills which they learn with musical instruments. There are Thai classes in which kids perform with cool dancing.

Teachers, school heads, and others school officials try to contain and instruct the Boon Brothers. Will it be an epic failure? Or will Kato Boon and Conan finally listen? Papa Bas buys a special pig dinner. Valentinís, there is not one Thai woman, including mama Rack in the Isan who does not like Mookata. The kids do a photo shoot as Valentine's gift for mama Rak. Will this go without incidents? Try Not to laugh is tricky.
We wish you a Happy Valentin's day from Isan, Thailandólots of love and happiness from the Boon family.