Traffic Chaos; Boon Kids Gone Wild #Shorts

Watch the Video Here, Kijk Hier;

Papa Bas Boon is driving back from Pattaya to the Isan district in Thailand. While in the middle of the journey, some road accidents happen in front of them. This results that the Boon Family is hitting a five-hour traffic jam.
It was nice and quiet until the Boon Brother woke up, and Papa could only drive very slowly from that moment on, its chaos. The Boon Brothers Brats go wild. It is the ultimate fail video, great fun to watch this short YouTube video. But for the parents, for Papa and Mama, itís a patience test of a lifetime.
Conan Boon keeps going to the electric window buttons in the door and the auto lock for the child lock. He canít stop, is funny to watch, and is annoying like crazy when in a traffic jam.

Conan Boon, Stop Playing With That Unlock Button, No!

These short videos under one minute are action-packed and fast past. Everybody who is a father or a mother will recognize this funny situation. These viral short YouTube videos are gaining more and more momentum. The wildlife of the Boon Family in Thailand is getting noticed.
Who of you has ever hit a traffic jam with six kids in a car? Did they also misbehave like Kato Boon and Conan Boon and crying baby Ken Boon?
Let me know in the comments about your experience. Try Not to Laugh is Tricky, You Laugh You Lose, another KBF hilarious video reel full of laughter and recognizable funny moments.