Fairtex Dominant in Main Event of Muay Thai Extravaganza

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May 31, 2005
by Mike Sloan ([email protected])

LAS VEGAS, May 28 — This past Saturday night in the fight capital of the world, the Plaza Hotel and Casino played host to yet another gripping event of professional Muay Thai. The card was presented by Dennis Warner, ARZNI Mineral Water and IN SYNC Productions; the trio has to be commended for putting on such an extraordinary show.

While only nine of the scheduled 11 bouts actually took place, no one was found complaining as the remaining bouts more than lived up to their billing.

The bout between John Polakowski and Chris Reilly, which was to be for the IKKC junior middleweight California Muay Thai championship, was altogether scrapped and Joey Pagliuso’s original opponent, Gabriel Ibarra, pulled out at the last minute, replaced by the tough Kevin Stephensen. The IAMTF junior middleweight elimination bout between Brian Avelar and Ben Yelle was scrapped as well and as of press time, no official reason was given.

All in all it was a stellar event, capped off by an exhilarating main event between living legend Jongsanan Fairtex and Imro Main.

Many fightsports celebrities were on hand to witness the event, which was held inside the Plaza’s Triple Crown Ballroom, which stands snugly in downtown Las Vegas. Fighters like Carter Williams, Brian Warren and others were spotted ringside, enjoying the festivities.

Fairtex, who seems to have over a thousand bouts under his belt, was determined to keep his IKKC world championship against the lively and rugged Main, and he did so accordingly.

Amsterdam’s Main appeared outclassed from the start of the contest after being wobbled by several of Fairtex’s stinging strikes, but eventually regrouped to force the popular Thai into a gripping battle, extending the defending champion the full distance.

But even with extending the fight the allotted five rounds, Main wasn’t able to win enough of the rounds to sway the judges in his favor as he dropped a unanimous decision.

Fairtex, originally from Thailand but dwelling comfortably in San Francisco, seized control of the bout early with his counter left hooks and sizzling leg kicks. Main had a difficult time in trying to time his counters, allowing the world-recognized junior middleweight king to easily win the first few rounds.

Even though Fairtex was sliced just above his left eye early in the opening round, it didn’t hinder him whatsoever as he systematically broke down his foe.

“The Wooden Man? was on a mission to stop his pesky nemesis, but Main was tougher than most had expected (after all, the guy had to be tough enough to not only climb into the ring against Fairtex but to also step foot into the light with his bright pink trunks).

Main, also known as “I-Murder,? was knocked down in the third round after he was badly wobbled from a counter left hook. But the tough Dutch warrior was able to clear his head and take the fight to Fairtex.

It should be noted, though, that Main’s right foot slipped out under the ropes and off the ring apron, causing him to stumble downward. Fairtex did hit him, but the knockdown was more a slip than anything, even though Main’s head was groggy at the time. When Main bounced back up onto his feet, the bloodthirsty Fairtex tried to close the show, but Main stuck to his guns and was able to fend off the incoming attrition from Fairtex.

The fight’s chemistry was altered throughout the final two rounds as a seemingly desperate Main became much more aggressive than he had been fighting and forced Fairtex backwards. Main’s higher strike output allowed him to win the final two stanzas of the contest, but overall it was Fairtex, who did much more damage and won the majority of the rounds.

The official ringside judges all favored Fairtex with a score of 48-46, as did With the win, Fairtex improved to 91-27 (25 KO) and held onto his IKKC World Muay Thai title. For his efforts, the truly tough Main dropped to 31-8-2 (23 KO).

In what was a perfect segue to the main event fellow Thai fighter Malaipet Sitprapom survived an arduous battle with Holland’s Marco Pique. The fight was a superb war of attrition that lasted the full five rounds and it was to determine who would be the rightful challenger for Fairtex’s IKKC world Muay Thai crown.

As it turned out it was Sitprapom who prevailed via majority decision with scores of 50-45 and all three cards. scored the bout much closer at 48-47, also for Sitprapom. Hopefully Sitprapom will tangle with Fairtex on the next Muay Thai card held in Vegas.

The IKKC light heavyweight intercontinental Muay Thai title match between San Francisco’s Bebe Etzler and Helsinki, Finland’s Niklas Winberg wound up being a majority draw.

The fight itself was as close as they come but Etzler, the ISKA champion, seemed to have done a bit more damage and scored more points. While both men were severely lacerated during the contest, it was Winberg who tasted the canvas; he was dropped late in the second from a left hook. scored it 48-46 for Etzler, but the ringside judges saw it differently. One of them had it 49-44 for Etzler, but that tally was overturned when the other two saw it dead even at 47-47.

In what was easily the best fight of the night, Irvine, Calif.’s Bryce Krause stood toe-to-toe with Las Vegas’ Jack Thames for almost three full rounds, but was able to prevail via TKO. The two super welterweights left nothing to the imagination as they tried taking each other’s heads off from the opening bell. Both warriors were staggered throughout the contest, but it wound up being that Krause was just a bit tougher.

Thames touched the canvas in the second round but he recovered quickly, only to be stopped the following round. The two warriors literally stood toe-to-toe until the end. Even after Thames was badly wobbled in the third he continued to fire back with relentless pressure, staggering Krause in the process, until he was dealt a vicious right knee to the face.

Thames crumbled onto the canvas once the knee crashed into his mug, prompting referee Tony Weeks to halt the action. The official time of the stoppage came at 1:54 of the third round, awarding Krause with the TKO and the IMTC super welterweight US championship.

In other action Steve McKinnon won the IKKC intercontinental heavyweight title by stopping Simon Diouf in the first round. The time of the stoppage came at 2:45 after Diouf was dropped three times.

Japan’s Hisayuki Kanazawa scored a first round TKO over Tom Jones, stopping him at 2:43 of the round. Jones was dropped twice in the fight and Kanazawa walked away with the IMTC world welterweight title.

Romie Adanza and David Hoy fought to a majority draw in a fight to determine the IAMTF intercontinental featherweight title. Hoy was floored in the third round after he was hit with a thunderous left kick to the head. The official scores were 47-47 (twice) and 49-46 for Adanza. also favored Adanza, but by the tally of 48-46.

Joey Pagliuso stopped Kevin Stephensen at 1:50 of the first round after he dropped him twice. The bout was for the IAMTF California junior middleweight title.

Josh Aragon won a unanimous four round decision over the tough Mike Fraizer to win the IAMTF California middleweight title. The official scores were 40-36 on all three scorecards, the same score as’s.

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