"The Best K-1 Fighters Aren't Gods. They can be defeated"

Raul Catinas
Birth Date : 6 August 1988
Division : WGP
Alias : Iron Raul
Residence : Lugoj, Romania
Team : Wondan Lugoj, Local Kombat Team
Trainer : Marcel Dragan
Height : 182 cm

Weight : 101 Kg

After Catalin Morosanu, Raul it's a new romanian fighter who will fight in K-1 WGP. He started to fight in Local Kombat tournaments in 2007 with a win via decision over Kiss Balasz. His first notable win was over Paula Mataele last year. In march 2009 he was going to Croatia for a fight with local star, Stefan Leko. He made a big surprize and win in the first round via KO. On saturday 23 May 2009, Raul Catinas will fight on K-1 WGP Poland - 8 man tournament. His opponent - Przemyslaw Minkinia (Poland).

What do you think about K-1 Poland WGP? Which fighter is favorite?
I think Marcin Rozalski it's favorite beacause he is fighting in his own country, but isn't important who is favorite, it's important who will win the tournament. Usually i fight with second chance, but I win the fights.
What do you know about your opponent (Przemyslaw Minkina)?
I don't know anything about him, I know he was winning with Noel Cadet last year via KO.
What kind of training you do?
Intensive kickboxing, and I was at a fottball stadion and I do physical training with a football coach.
If you win Poland Tournament You will advance to final elimination. What do you think about your chances there?
The best K-1 fighters aren't Gods, they can be defeated. They are fighters like me. You must have a big heart to fight with the best K-1 fighters.
Which fighter would you like to fight in K-1?
I would like to fight with Jerome Le Banner and Badr Hari.
Do you have an idol in K-1?
I don't have an idol but I like Le Banner's abnegation.
At what age you started kickboxing training?
When I was sixteen years old.
Do you work harder on tactic, or you're confident that your power will do the trick?
I have power. For Poland GP I was working to be more fast and explosive.
In last fight you have win over Stefan Leko in his own country. You can win over polish fighters in Poland?
I want to win via KO with polish fighters, if the fight goes to decision, there will be surprises.
In your opinion, what made you to defeat Leko?
My power and my resistence. He hit me like he hit a party wall.
Catalin Morosanu last year, Raul Catinas this year...who will be the next Local Kombat fighter in a K-1 tournament?
Maybe Daniel Ghita, Sebastian Ciobanu or Mihaita Golescu.
You was fighting with Sakalauskas (Samedov's opponent). Who will win this fight?
It Samedov win, he will have a difficult fight.
Who will be the K-1 Poland WGP Champion?
The fighter who really wants to win will be the champion.
Thank you Raul and good luck.

(Fans of K1 interview)