Recently GLORY and Spike TV announced that Spike TV will telecast GLORY kickboxing program. GLORY will debut in Primetime LIVE on Spike in Fall, 2013. Great news for all the fans of the kickboxing sports worldwide. It hasn’t been easy for the new GLORY organization, trying to sign TV-deals but now the organization has closed a deal with the former home of the UFC!

With the corporate takeover of the Dutch Golden Glory Team, United Glory and a little later It’s Showtime, the new GLORY organization basically has all the important kickboxers within the organization and all the tools to be a major player in the martial arts industry. GLORY started with a few smaller events and without great sponsor deals and/or TV-deals.
These things take time and GLORY front man and investor Pierre Andurand is one of the men who knows this all too well. As a businessman and hedge fund manager Andurand knows it takes time to provide investors with returns. With the SpikeTV deal it seems Andurand is on the right way in making the kickboxing sport profitable. Something Dana White and the Fertita brothers experienced when they were building the UFC. Sources around Andurand claim that the growth of the UFC is a striking example to him on how to make a martial art mainstream and successful. And that’s exactly where Andurand is headed with GLORY.

There is an old saying ‘You only get one chance to make a first impression’ and this chance is now given to GLORY by SpikeTV. The important difference between the UFC and GLORY is of course the lack of US based fighters. Sure, there are some American fighters but everyone in the fight industry knows there is a lot of work to be done to get these fighters to the level of the European and more specifically the Dutch based fighters.

So what should the GLORY organization do in order to make the SpikeTV deal work? Make an explosive first impression! Bring the top level fighters and make sure the matchmaking is top notch. Create a storyline around the fights. The main event should be the fight of the year, so what fight would be more natural then a fight between the current number one heavyweight fighter Gokhan Saki and tournament winner Tyrone Spong?!

Sources around the GLORY organization indicate that this fight is indeed the most obvious headliner; a rematch between The King of the Ring and The Rebel (and former United Glory champion). The previous match between these two fighters resulted in a knock out victory by Gokhan Saki. Since that match the two fighters have improved significantly. Spong has really developed his skills as a heavyweight fighter and Saki has knocked out nearly all the fighters they put in front of him. A fight between these two fighters is a true headliner in order to make an explosive first impression!