Happy Birthday Funny Baby Kato, Blowing Cake Candle Song Party Fails


The video shows the contrast of life before and after The Pandemic in Thailand. Bas and Mama Rak in the nightlife and crazy birthday parties. Then nightlife stopped in Pattaya, and all bars and Go-Go bars were closed because of the outbreak of Covid19. The {Kato Boon Family KatoBoonFamily} moved to the Esan to live on their farm. Incredible how fast the time went. Baby Kato's second birthday, 9 September 2020, and it's time to officially become a toddler. So, from now on, it's Kato Boon in the titles. Kato gets his first bicycle and is having a blast at his birthday party. Who spiked the Birthday Cake? The birthday party in the Esan is not of the same caliber as in Pattaya, and a mama pig is about to give birth in the middle of Kato's birthday party.
Papa Bas goes from being the host to Kato's birthday party to possibly clean the pig stable and prepare the mama pig to give birth.
How was your life before the arrival of Covid19?
Did you learn a new skill during the pandemic?
How did the government of your country handle the pandemic?
Is your life better or worse than before the Coronavirus stopped the economy
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