Tooth Pain and Kato Puts Sexy Shoes in Hog Poop.
Papa Bas Boon is explaining some daily routines at the pig farm. When mama Rak describes why she is "massaging" the back of pigs, Kato Boon decides to "borrow" her shoes and is causing his usual havoc. Kato's nephew Pam is complaining about a toothache for a few days and goes to the dentist. The advice of the dentist is to stay at home and take some paracetamol. When Pam returns home, Bas decides to take Pam to the hospital, and the doctors are grateful he did as Pam has to stay and will have to get surgery. Kato misses Pam but is not allowed to visit Pam in the hospital because of the Covid19 situation. After five days in the hospital, the Kato Boon family starts to worry, will Pam be ok?

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