Kato Boon Farmer or Fighter in his Blood?

Mama Rak thought it was wise to buy a set of boxing gloves and a pair of boxing shorts for Kato. Papa Bas Boon has mixed feelings about mama's surprise and soon pays the price. Baby Kato is having a blast and wants to fight against nephew Pam. Papa Bas knows Kato had the same energy when he was young, and the Fight Game kept Papa Bas on the right tracgloryk, with no drugs or alcohol. The Dutch are notorious, and their winning fighting style is called Dutch Kickboxing. Mama Rak is from Thailand. Kato has the best mix to become a super fighter (imagine a combination between Ramon Dekkers and Buakaw). Papa Bas looks back at his life being in the fight game for over three decades. Should Kato become a fighter or a farmer? Papa Bas revealed he would like his son to be neither of these two choices and has a surprising answer. This episode of the Kato Boon family contains excellent behind the scene footage. This episode of the KatoBoonFamily is a must for all martial artists and parents raising kids.

Kijk Hier: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUW7Y66VLAM