Funny Kato Boon’s first day at Thai school may be his last?

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Kato is 2.5 years old and is growing fast. Time to go to school and learn lessons about life. Papa Bas remembers his first day at school well. Papa Bas liked school initially, but soon he would get bored and become a young rebel. Will Kato cry and make a scene on his first day at a Thai school in the Esan district? Papa Bas asks uncle, ants, and friends what they think Kato will do? Papa Bas Boon and Mama Rak try to instruct young Kato, no fighting, no Batman and Spiderman imitations, be useful, behave, be nice.
Papa knows his son Kato will be alright and will not let himself get bullied, but how about the other kids? How will the teachers respond to Kato's hyperactive behaviour? How will they deal with this energy "wonder"?
#KBF31 is another brilliant episode of the KatoBoonFamily series bringing you inside a Thai School in real-time. The end of this video will reveal Kato Boon third day at school, mama Rak is not amused.