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#KBF33 Papa Bas is dealing with hyper Kato, and this is leading to the moment supreme when Kato decides to use his giant dinosaur toy to attack the 60-inch HD tv, the tv lost. Kato is hyperactive, also known under the name ADHD. When Kato cannot decide to play with which toy, he has a brilliant solution, use them all. Several times the KatoBoonFamily living room turns into a warzone with Kato's toys in minutes, Kato style. Bas is telling about his dealings with ADHD and how he deals with his energy wonder son Kato. Bas tells an exciting story from the past, some handy but straightforward advice on handling tough kids with an attention disorder, how to act and tackle the problem, an experiment worth trying.
Bas Boon: Patience comes with time and knowledge. It makes you tougher and wiser. Another hilarious, funny episode of the KatoBoonFamily, get ready to laugh and learn something while laughing.