I enjoy making videos about life and my familyís daily dealings with Kato and Conan growing up. Itís joyful, and it gives life a purpose. These are strange times, especially when our son Conan Boon was born in the middle of a pandemic. It was appropriate to name him Conan because of that covid situation, and he is a survivor.
The month of February has been a weird month for the KatoBoonFamily. In the last week before the month-end, a person who sometimes helped in our farm got a heart attack, he was 37 and did not survive R.I.P. The ambulance transported him away from our farm. This tragic event was an omen for things to come as one day later, a pig miscarriage and not one piglet survived. The same day another mother pig died during pregnancy, so we had to move out the dead pigs from the stable. The old pick-up would do the trick, now carrying a dead pig of 100+ kilo upon a pick-up truck is heavy-duty. I did film the scene when the pig was in the car, but itís just not a scene I would broadcast to the world. It just does not feel right.

Bad Omen

If you thought the bad as day was over, you are in for a surprise. The truck got hit by a massive truck on the corner of the road two minutes from our farm. Car wrecked, Rakís momís boyfriend was not injured but shocked, death pig bleeding on the middle of a busy road.

We rushed Baby Conan to the hospital. read more here: