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#KBF38 In life, we have our ups and downs. Last week, we almost lost our son Conan Boon (Read KatoBoonFamily YouTube Channel blog). Precisely one week after the worst day of the year comes the perfect day (subject of many Musical artists). I refused to become pessimistic and depressed after an avalanche of strange and tragic events one week ago. Now a big shoutout to my father, the family's padre who created a company when he was retired and recently sold the company. Through the difficult time during the pandemic, he helped and carried the family. Our daily facetime calls were a blessing, and with that, my video vlogs were a blessing for my parents. My parents are almost 80 and live in the Netherlands, and I live in Esan, Thailand. With the lockdown and curfew, and travel restrictions, my vlogs and facetime calls became daily occupations sending positive vibes and support. This video is about motivation and positivity, great footage of beautiful places and happy faces worldwide. The graduation of Kato's Niece and Nephew, the birth of new piglets, successful business deals, Kato Boon playing with Conan Boon (all in one perfect day), and some wise words from papa Bas Boon