Songkran Thai New Year, Funny KatoBoonFamily Birthday

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April is the month of Songkran, the Thai New Year in Thailand. It's also the month Papa Bas Boon has his birthday, two rollercoaster weeks of parties in the Esan Thailand. Funny Kato Boon loves birthday cakes, more fun when he can push Papa's head in the cake. The locals visit Buddhist temples, and now the temples are used to celebrate Songkran (pour water over Buddha statues and each other). Bas visits the old village of Mama Rak, wooden houses, and everybody is utterly drunk at 10 am. The Esan people do not notice much from travel restrictions and lockdowns; most of them never left the village since birth. Not many have a driving license, and most live in the land; their favorite food is a menu with papaya and fish named sometime. Nothing has changed in the last decades in these villages, Esan style. The KatoBoonFamily is celebrating the "Life4Fame" style these two weeks; life is beautiful!