Taliban and The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse

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Teachers in universities keep pushing CRT and Marxist propaganda brainwashing the future generation.

Virtue signaling brainwashed Marxist retards fight for equal rights, to put the mentally unstable and weak in Infront of suicide religious Taliban Afghan death squads, how noble.

Then again, the LGBTQIA have a suicidal problem, with over 50% trying to commit suicide. This suicidal problem would come in handy, and the military leaders should use this at its full potential.

Just imagine a squad of transgender suicide none binary gay bombers on the frontline against the Jihadists.

You have to admit that would scare a Jihadist the most killed by a gay suicide bomber. There go the promised virgins. So once more:
read more here: https://basboon.com/taliban-and-the-...he-apocalypse/