Scorpions, Snakes, and Creepy Crawlers Plaque the KatoBoonFamily

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#KBF48 This week after the holidays has been a crazy week for The KatoBoonFamily.
In the new home, a huge poisonous scorpion crawls its way to the living room. This scorpion is an ugly-looking predatory arachnid.
Mama Rak asks Papa Bas Boon to kill the scorpion.
Papa Bas explains the dangers this scorpion can bring to baby Conan Boon. If this scorpion stings, the baby can go into anaphylactic shock.
Most scorpions in Thailand are not so dangerous. If they sting is like you get stung by a bee, not so scary.

Three days later, Papa Bas is closing the house's back door, and a snake falls on his head, ending up on Bas Boon's foot. The snake bites, but it is a young snake not too big. Mama Rak thinks the snake is poisonous and asks Bas to go to the hospital.
They confirm the snake is poisonous at the Thailand hospital in Esan Saweng Den Din , but as Papa Bas Boon has no fever, he goes home.
Like the scorpion's sting, the bite of this little snake is not deadly/ Papa Bas cannot sleep. Where is the mother snake?

Now it is the weekend, and Rak's friend helps cleaning at the KatoBoonFamily farm. Suddenly we hear a loud is a scream from the friend of mama Rak. She is cleaning at the back of the house, and a snake attacks her. A friend of mama Rak comes to kill the snake. It's an “adder “snake.
These snakes venous are pretty harmless for humans. Babies and small children can get into an anaphylactic shock when the snake bites.
Papa Bas Boon has a hard time keeping Kato Boon from going to the snake. Thailand is a place of creepy crawlers we just have to deal with it.

Kato Boon is completely fearless for these creepy crawlers. He picks up scorpions and all kinds of weird insects. The bigger, the better. Kato likes the Gecko (which can bite).
We can see Kato with snakes, bullfrogs, scorpions, crabs, and the list is endless.

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Quote From Steve Irwin
Fear keeps me from making mistakes, but I make a lot of mistakes.
(C) Bas Boon