Beautiful day(s) in Isan, Thailand. Can Kato Boon ruin it?

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It's getting a little cooler because the end of the rice season is near. There is a cool breeze, and the temperature is getting awesome.

The grandfather of Kato Boon is finishing the bathroom at KatoBoonFamily farm number one. Kato dresses like a worker and looks like a real life4fame star. He wants to help complete the bathroom. But as always, it does not take long, and he becomes an obstacle.

Another new Boon Minion around the corners is Conan Boon. A disappeared a few times, but now Mama Rak and papa are familiar with his vanishing trick. Papa Bas Boon asks Conan to stay out of the closets. It's a request to deaf man's ears. It seems Conan has the same hearing problems as his brother Kato Boon.

Papa Boon decides to take Kato and Conan to the katoBoonFarm number two. A good decision as the grandfather can now finally finish the bathroom.

A pool of crab, fish, and eels draws the attention of Kato. Can he catch an eel with his hands?

Mama Rak is celebrating this day by playing volleyball and soccer with former youth classmates. They commemorate their old teacher's retirement—a gorgeous day with a more so surprising ending.
Will the bathroom finally be finished?
Papa Bas ends this video with a particular highlight reel of some of the most amazing sunsets you have ever seen. He travels one week through Sawang Daen Din, Udon Thani, and Sakon Nakon to get the most fantastic shots. The Isan Thailand shows all his beauty in a never-ending cycle of days and nights. (c) Bas Boon

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