Funny Kato Boon Prank Fails, Crazy Isan Thailand

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It is the last day of rain in Isan, Thailand, and Kato Boon has been too much inside of the Kato Boon farmhouse number one.
*KBF48 The sun shines, and it's time to play. However, the amount of energy that has been boiling inside of Kato Boon is from a Vulcanic nature.
Kato goes on a rampage.

Papa's shoes are not saved. Even a complete door is terminated by the funny little rascal.
Things get out of hand when Kato gets a bucket from the pigs' table, which they use for bringing away the pigshit. It is unclear how much shit there is left in that bucket. But Kato fills it up with sand and brings it to the place of doom.

He then fills up the buckets with water and mixes them all. It is time to ruin mama Rak's laundry. This is a carefully planned execution. Check out the amount of sophisticating and preparation. The end result is that the first batch of laundry receives a Kato Boon special.
When papa Bas Boon wants to intervene, things escalate, a big pile of dirt hits papa's head, and he is not amused. Nobody is now saved anymore as the little minion is all over the place. It is complete chaos, and all are going crazy.

When mama Rak and Papa calm everybody down, the whole backyard is ruined, not to mention there is very little left intact of the laundry. Everybody is covered in dirt, Kato is satisfied, his parents not so much.

It is two hours later, and Kato pulls another prank. Conan Boon pulls over a tree, and it seems like he is aiming at his brother's footsteps.
A total crazy episode of the KatoBoonFamily, a perfect example of how to not raise your kids like this, have fun Kato style.
Do not think that all children in Thailand around the Isan in places like Sawang Dean Din, Sakon Nakhon, and Udon Thani live like this. But the Boon brothers have a very special and playful youth and tons of freedom, a lust for life.

Watch Video Here: Watch the Video Here;