Fishing with Funny Kato Boon Fails, Big Chaos.

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Papa Boon decided to take the family on a fishing trip.

In the previous KatoBoonFamily episode, we can see the last rampage of the little minion. Kato Boon was destroying mama's laundry. It's time for a change and everybody to get out of the house.

It is a beautiful day in Isan, Thailand, at the Kato Boon farm number two. There are plenty of great fishing places on the property, and all those fish ponds are full of fish.

You are a moron if you cannot catch a fish at these ponds. Everybody is catching fish, little boy, little girl, friends, mama Rak and Kato Boon. It is the perfect day, and all goes well till the enfant terrible Kato gets bored.

He is bashing with his fishing rod on the water scaring the fish. Mama Rak gets tired of his rebellious behavior.
Things escalate fast when Kato throws several fishing rods in the fishing pond. Papa Bas is getting frustrated with Kato Boon and lectures him to stop.
When Papa tries to retrieve the fishing rods from the pond, funny Kato pushes Papa Bas Boon into the pond.

From that moment on, things get entirely chaotic. Papa tries to come ashore, but the shore is too high. A real life4fame scene.
When Papa finally climbs out of the pond with fish, he steps in an ant nest, and the little buggers feast on Papa's feet. He screams in pain. Kato is laughing but not for long as he becomes the next victim of the angry, aggressive ant colony. Papa is now screaming so lout that they can hear him in Sakon Nakhon, Sawang Dean Din and Udon Thani.

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