Funny Kato Boon Sabotages Buddha Day Photoshoot Fails.

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After three days and nights working on the KatoBoonFamily pig farm flooding disaster, they save all the pigs. Papa Bas Boon did not have much sleep, but today is Buddha Day in Isan, Thailand.

Mama Rak made an appointment with a family member to do a photoshoot with Kato and Conan Boon. During Buddha day, they plan to do a photoshoot with the Boon boys.

Mama buys a brand-new outfit for the boys; they look perfect for the photoshoot.
The kids are ready to go and waiting for their grandmother. While Papa goes inside to get his sunglasses, mama receives a phone call.
When after a few seconds, both meet outside, the boys are gone. It has not been the first time they escape the house or walk to the neighbor, but this is stressful.

When Papa Bas goes looking for Kato Boon and Conan, he is horrified by what he discovers. Kato Boon took his brother Conan, and he finds both are bathing in mud and laughing out loud. Papa is horrified and brings the kids rapidly to their home. The brothers are put under the shower and get a second pair of clothing. Mama bought two sizes if the first set of clothes for the photoshoot was too big or too small.
Many people from Sawang Dean Din and Sakon Nakhon are going to Buddha day. The phone rings for mama Rak. The people are waiting at the Buddha event. While in a rush, both parents look for the car keys, the inevitable happens.

It is Rendez Vous time again. Kato Boon and Conan are gone.

Papa knows now where he can find the two brats and is now extremely angry and frustrated. Try not to laugh is difficult, but the situation for the parents is far from comical.

This stunt is far from funny. The two little rascals are brought back to the showers and run out of clothing for the photo shoot.
Papa and Mama Rak ask O’por to help and take an eye on the brothers. Will they reach the Buddha event, and can the enfant terrible pull another escape trick on his niece?

The grand finale is a complete Kato Boon chaotic scene. Things get out of hand and defiantly not planned. The little brat ruins this day for everybody and even terrorizes the locals. Poor niece O’por tries to prevent the little monster from constructing more headaches. But she fails and ends up in the dirt. Papa Bas Boon becomes the highlight (coub) of the day and becomes a victim as well, wtf?

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Life4Fame has its prize for the parents. What a complete mess