Car Washing with Pig Dirt Funny Kato Boon Style Fails

Watch the Video here:

Papa Bas Boon is cleaning the pig stables at the KatoBoonFamily Farm number one in the Isan in Thailand. He tells Mama Rak it would be good to use this Pig Shit as fertilizer for their new garden.

She agrees, so they bring a wheelbarrow full of pig dirt from the pig stables to the house.
When Bas arrives at the house, he is going for an afternoon nap. Mama Rak disturbs Papa's dream. When Bas wakes up, he has to tell mama Rak what a wonderful dream he had about Car Washing.

It was so real. It felt so good in the dream the problem child Kato Boon, and his niece and nephew washing Papa's car as a surprise.
He praises Kato in this dream, how proud he is of his son and that he is now a big boy.
The reality is harsh, and the worst horrible part is that Papa is partly to blame for the incredible mess.

Kato Boon gives the pig shit another destination, and it is not the garden. The situation worsens when his nephew Pam and niece O'Por arrive at the Car Washing scene. They become partners in "crime" with the brat child Kato Boon. The result is the usual mess, but this time with an awful smell. The Sawang Dean Din's thin air has a penetrating pig shit odor.

Papa Bas ask Mama Rak; please try not to laugh, but she can't. She is laughing out loud (lol). The is fertilizer everywhere except the garden. The big question now is this a dream or for real?