Omicron World Wide Lockdown Imminent. As a movie producer, I have a new idea for a Tv series, so nothing I will write now is a piece of advice or somehow related to being anti-vax or science.

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Here is my new story.

We were promised by taking the vaccines, the restrictions, lockdowns would be over, and we would go back to our everyday lives. Another promise is those who will get jabbed will not get the virus or spread the virus.

On April 15, 1984, comedian Tommy Cooper died on live Tv from a heart attack. I was watching at age 17 and will never forget this. I thought, and with me, millions of others thought he was joking, he wasn't. After that, I never saw this again on live TV.

I am making this pointVaccinesof the following reason. The first episode of the Series "Vaccines cause havoc."
Lisa Saw worked for the BBC and died of a heart attack one week after being vaccinated at age 44.

The list continues there are huge problems with vaccination..