Christmas Tree Down Kato Boon Turkey Dinner Drama.

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It is also Christmas in Isan, Thailand. Not a white Christmas but warm with a clear blue sky.
Since papa Bas lived in Thailand, he has noticed that the Thai people celebrate pretty much everything. From Halloween till Valentine’s Day. The Thai people love all holidays, eat and especially drink.

Mama Rak has a heart of gold; she knows papa Bas Boon sacrificed a lot to live in the Isan. He did not see his family in Holland for years. This travel problem made mama Rak decide to cook a Turkey dinner US-style. Grandfather and grandmother Boon love the weekly family video vlogs.

Papa Bas can smell the rosemary, raisins, and apples stuffed away behind a fresh butchered Turkey from the Kato Boon Farm. It’s shuddering in a small oven, and it smells great.

History repeats itself with the Funny Boon Brothers.

Mama servers well-cooked Turkey on a massive platter with fresh vegetables; this is awesome. The first bite is so delicious that Papa Bas keeps making the sounds and facial expressions in heaven. The joy is short-lived when papa Bas informs the Kato Boon fans what happened.
Papa has to keep getting up during dinner to avoid huge escalating sword fights.

It made him think why he ever gave swords as one of the Christmas gifts. As we have witnessed in previous Kato Boon Family videos, Conan is always waving and playing with sticks, and his name is Conan. If you think only Kato is a brat, wait till you see Conan, who hits papa St Claus with a perfect sword strike on his head. Everybody is laughing except papa St Claus; he has a headache.