Happy New Year, Kato Boon Snake

Watch Video Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mk_0LThnPik&t=8s

Another year has gone past. The KatoBoonFamily farms are growing, and the third child is on his way. Conan Boon was born in the middle of the Covid delta variant global panic. It seems that Ken or Kathy will see their first day in the middle of the Covid Omicron variant period.
In Isan Thailand, the days are not influenced by and pandemic. The pig farm and the growth of a herd of water buffalos is plenty of work. Papa Bas only went a few times to Pattaya to check the properties.

Mama Rak is making a new garden in the back of the house. Papa Bas Boon explains that because the snake's natural habitat is disturbed, he warns Kato Boon and Conan to stay out of the garden.

That is like speaking to a wall for brat ADHD kid Kato Boon. When papa and mama do not pay attention, he sneaks into the garden. Kato is on a rampage against newly planted trees and finds it necessary to destroy them.
When niece O'por notices what Kato is doing, she takes him out of the garden, resulting in the usual drama. Papa Bas is not amused when he sees his small garden forest flatlined.

Then Bas spots a snake in the trees and immediately takes measurements. Papa Bas wrestles with the snake. He has to end his life because of the babies in the garden.

Funny Kato Boon loves insects and reptiles and starts playing with the snake. Papa tries to educate sun Kato, who is chasing and scaring others in the garden with the snake. Conan finds a stick again and practices his sword skills.
The villagers from Sawang Dean Din say "Sawadee Peemai," which means happy new year in Thai. Everybody knows Kato. He can be heard from miles away. Just like his mom (I lie).

Papa gives up, but Happy News year from the Kato Boon Family in the first YouTube video of the new year 2022. Live your lives, don't stress, and be good.