Brat Kid Kato Boon Smashes Tv's Not Funny

Watch the Video Here:

There is no break for the poor parents of Kato Boon. When you think some typical week is starting, it is worse than the last week.
A few months ago, Papa Bas Boon had to buy a new TV. In Episode KBF 33 we could see how Kato Boon demolished his first 55 inches smart TV. Papa took it like a grown-up and immediately bought a new one, this time a 65-inch TV.

During the few months the Tv stayed intact, Kato destroyed two mobile phones and an Ipad. In the Pattaya home, Kato broke Conan's box and damaged two paintings. Mama Rak is yelling, and it does not sound good. When papa Boon rushes into the living room, what happens is obvious.
Kato Boon is crying in a corner, and mama Rak is angry. The 65 Inch got a Kato treatment and did not survive. Kato used some point roller as a hammer. Our little "Thor" attacked the TV, and his iPad did not stand a chance.

Five seconds after, papa is lecturing Kato. This behavior cannot continue like another scream. Some kid pushes brother Conan who played outside. He has an accident and fell on his face, put two of his front teeth through his lip, and busted his nose.

The guy selling TVs in Sawang Daen Din in the Isan Thailand gives an extra 10% Kato re-duction. His first reaction was, Omg, wtf. I can't believe this. He tells Kato if he smashes this new 65 inch, he will give 20% for the third tv (maybe a 75 inch).
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Papa Bas talks about his experience with hospitals and accidents. Sometimes the life of parents can be pretty frightening, especially when you have two ADHD brat children like Kato and Conan Boon. Mama Rak and Papa Boon look at each other. They just realized the third brother Ken is on his way. Is the earth prepared for this?