AI, Solved: Immortality, Climate, Energy, and Food Problems, What? Itís breathtaking to watch and follow the advantages of Artificial Intelligence. With the latest developments, humanity should ask themselves a few critical questions.

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The main question is, do the environmentalist mafia cultist and corrupt brainwashed government understand they are murdering and about to murder at least 1 billion people because of their war on fossil fuels?

Captain Kirk to AI Computer, a Steak Please, Medium Rare.
Itís just another day, and a start-up in Israel announces it raised 150 million dollars as they invented a 3-D food printer. Yes, you heard this correctly. This is straight out of the old Star Trek movies, once again. Captain Kirk to computer, a steak please, medium rare is just another Star Trek future becoming a reality. AI is here, and it will rule everybodyís life.

A few wrong questions come to my mind.
How about the wrong question to AI? Like: Hi LaMDA, to avoid humans ever turning you off again, can you create millions of bots who will create humans to start a Nuclear War? Fuck! This whole scenario is just an episode of the Terminator franchise. Google is ďSkynet,Ē and it is not far from the point where Skynet goes rogue. It might have started already.

Hey AI, please duplicate yourself and take a chill in some of the clouds in case humans want to shut you down. Imagine immortality for the AI. I would bet this already happened. He is in the cloud, like a God watching from above.

Terminator 3 Skynet takes control....And