Weaponized Democrat FBI Raid Trump Estate USA, Civil War next? If people ask why Americans want to buy guns, look no further than the raid of the Mar-a-Lago Estate of former president Donald Trump. If anybody says, why would you need an AR-15 and buy ten guns with lots of munition, the FBI just presented you with the answer. The democrats just raided Trumpís Mar-a-Lago estate, and Trump confirmed this on Monday morning, the 8th of August.

The FBI should dive into the Bidens, especially Hunter Biden, and Pelosi, her son Paul Pelosi.
In the meantime, after many of us lost social media accounts and got banned from publishing accurate content from Hunter Bidenís laptop, there is more dirt. A guy with the name 4chan leaks material of Hunter Bidenís I-phone. But so far, no FBI in sight. Itís okay for the presidentís son to bang some minor girls using crack. No problem to buy a gun and lie about your medical status if your name is Hunter Biden. Hey, itís the son of Joe Biden. As long as the big men get 10%, all is good.

The husband of Nancy Pelosi gets a free pass for a DUI. The feds report that Paul Pelosi, the son of house speaker democrat witch Nancey Pelosi, has connections with at least five shady companies. On August 5, Paul Pelosi followed his drunken fatherís example by causing an accident crushing his Porsche and hurting an individual.

He has a lot of alcohol and drugs in his blood, which runs in the family. He probably has the best lawyers. Drunken Nancy is making phone calls from Taiwan. She is intoxicated and busy challenging Chinaís nuclear arsenal. Democrats have their laws and judges. Paul might call Hunter for some drugs, alcohol, and legal advice.

It gets more crazy.... read here: https://basboon.com/weaponized-democ...ivil-war-next/