Anti-Social Boon Brothers, Feud, Drama, and Love, Lol.

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Kato Boon's fourth birthday is coming up in two weeks. The Boon brothers are growing fast, and with that, there are always some growing "pains." Papa Bas has full hands teaching all the kids about family and love.
*KBF93 You have to be good for each other you are all blood-related. But Kato Boon has a colossal problem sharing most of the time. He is jealous and has the same ego as when Papa Bas Boon was young. The result is hilarious moments. Try not to laugh is impossible.
The only thing the father can do is try to give them mutual attention and love. Anti-Social Brat kid, Kato Boon takes advantage of this and has his strategy on how he wants to grow up (lol).
Little Conan Boon is drinking from a bottle, and Kato takes the bottle. Conan is playing with a toy, and Kato takes the toy. Now there are a lot of toys in the house, but somehow the brothers need to play with the same specific toy simultaneously. What are the odds?
When Kato is Anti-Social and in the same situation, he does not like it.
"Som Nam Na" in Thailand means it is your fault. The Boon brothers find out they can't always get what they want. But they sure try to get whatever is in their reach.
There are, of course, more people in the house, niece O'por, Nung-Ni, and nephew Pam. A nasty habit from brat kid Kato Boon is that he laughs when other family members feel sad or cry. Eventually, it always leads to drama and a fight.
When the brat is laughing at Pam after he kicked him in the face, Pam had enough. He stood up and started punching and kicking. I had to stop this Anti-Social behavior and separate both.
It is difficult to explain to children under ten what is playing and punch and kick for real. This phenomenon is especially true in the Boon Family, where the fighting genes are strong.
There are also plenty of lovely moments. Conan Boon loves his newborn little brother Ken. When Kato Boon does not see Conan for a whole day at school, they hug each other when they meet. Hard to believe sometimes they sleep in each other's arms. The following day the loving couple becomes another episode of the Boon Brothers Drama soap (lol).
Just when papa thinks he finally reaches his suns with a wise lesson on behavior, a new kind of game has all the kids in their grip. Things get wild "Isan Style, "and the drama is not far away. It is funny to watch and difficult not to stop laughing. Poor papa Bas gets terrorized once again. The whole bunch of anti-social kids is now targeting the father.