Europe is in for a Cold, Dark, Deadly Winter. Putin is laughing.

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Moscow is making more money than ever. The global demand for cheap crude oil and emerging new markets made the rubble stronger than two years ago.

I predicted this in my previous blogs when Europe and parts of the world instigated an unprecedented boycott of Russia. Even swift and bank corporations participate in the boycott of Russia. The confiscation of oligarch properties such as yachts should end the war in Ukraine in no time.

This conflict and war are unnecessary. Suppose Europe with NATO had let Russia become a member of NATO. George Robertson, a former defense secretary who led NATO between 1999 and 2003, claimed that in the first meeting, Putin clearly said he wanted to be part of Western Europe.

Quote; Putin said; “When are you going to invite us to join NATO?’ Robertson answered: Well, we don’t invite people to join NATO. They apply to join NATO.’ And he said: “well, we’re not standing in line with a lot of countries that don’t matter.’ Putin made a fair assessment.

Europe is orchestrating its destruction.
A fool can see this coming from miles away. Europe is destroying itself from within, executing the orders of WEF uberlord Klaus Schwab. The new nitrogen rules decimate the Dutch and other farmers. We are again at a real-time James Bond Spectre movie, only now it is not a movie, and no rescue from our beloved 007.

The green energy mafia will implement economic sanctions to reach its goals for 2070. They admit people will be poorer. Now here comes the kicker. The new WEF rules and policies by Klaus Schwab and the European governments are a fact. A cow is causing more pollution than a car. I suggest these “experts’ lock themself up in their garage with a running car. I will do the same with a cow. Let’s talk tomorrow.

Because of the “expert” climate, alarmists made models. They say that the poor won’t be able to pay for energy or food anymore. So they will die because of hunger, failing immune systems, misery, and stress. They all do this to prevent the same poor class from dying in 50 years. Can you follow it so far? It will get cold, and in the Netherlands alone, tens of thousands of homeless will see live threatening situations.