Big Pharma Mafia sees Ivermectin as a threat, here is why.

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YouTube removed my Youtube video, which I made about the benefits of Ivermectin. It was online for seven months, and just before the release of Paxlovid, I got a message from YouTube with a warning. We removed your video as it is against Covid policies and the usual censorship sentences. I know their policies as I have several YouTube channels, and one of my channels has over 42000 followers. Their guidelines are well known to me.

The message of experts who go against the mainstream Big Pharma Media narrative.
Their message about mass vaccinations with mRNA experimental vaccines would have the opposite results for the immune system and develop a strain of new Covid variants. According to Docter Robert Malone and others. How are they doing so far with their predictions? What does that tell us if we compare this data with the swine flu pandemic under Obama? Do you think this is why the Big Pharma Mafia instruct their journalist prostitutes to smear experts who deviate from their narrative?

An example of a recent hit piece: Bill Gates received 3.5 million money from an investor for his new lab-made baby milk startup. Immediately Bill Gatesís propaganda outlet, The Guardian, is paid 3.5 million dollars by the Gates Foundation. The Fake News prostitutes at the Guardian write a hit piece about breastfeeding and how bad it is for the motherís mental health. It get more crazier.... read here: