Mama Rak's Night Out in Pattaya, Thailand.

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During the Holiday of the Boon Family in Pattaya. Mama Rak wants to go shopping and have a night out. After delivering three healthy baby boys, it's time to blow off some steam. She called some of her old friends to establish a group.

*KBF103 Before the night supreme, some shopping must first be done. The passenger terminal hall in Pattaya is a fantastic place for shopping. Mama Rak prepares, but funny brat Kato Boon is trying to spoil her mood.
When papa Bas Boon and Mama Rak finally arrive at the shopping center, mama confronts papa about the female addiction to shopping. A never-ending journey of visiting shop after shop. Bas is getting irritated, especially when he is received bill after bill.
Girls' Night in Pattaya, Thailand, Mama Rak Leads the Way.

Time to go out, mama Rak puts on an old dress. After delivering Kato, Conan, and Ken Boon, it's incredible that she still fits in her old clothes. Papa can't understand all-day shopping, and then she puts on an old dress, woman!
They start the nightlife journey by visiting Soi Bukaw, a famous street in Pattaya city. They end up in a pool bar after visiting some go-go bars. It's good for your ego to go out with sic girls as a male, lots of people starring, how does he do it?

After a brief visit to the pool bar, it's time for the famous Pattaya "walking street," and mama Rak wants to visit Lucifer. This nightclub is the place Bas and Rak visited a lot before the birth of Kato. Still many old faces who are back after the pandemic. Surely with six girls, we need ZVIP and a few bottles of Chivas. After this long day of shopping, a new bill presents itself, that of alcohol and a VIP booth.

Papa wants to go home, it's later, and he misses the kids. When they finally leave, it's way past bedtime. An old night out feels like some weird experience of a past life after two years of lockdowns. In this episode of the Boon family, Mama Rak is in the spotlight. Somehow papa Bas strangely thinks of Isan. He is getting too old for this.