Censorship Solution for TikTok, Google, YouTube, and Facebook.

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This blog provides easy solutions for Google, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok to avoid violating their rules. I have been a content maker/creator with great success. Over the years during Covid, I learned how to edit and started a TikTok account and a YouTube channel (both monetized). Here is my experience and what the social media platforms can do to improve their rules on censorship.

TikTok Viral Videos Removed.
I got 10K followers (organically) on Tik Tok with several viral videos doing millions of views, but TikTok removed the viral content because of bogus complaints. Please, TikTok CEO Shou, pay attention here. The above video got over 2.5 million in 10 days. Then it was removed for child safety? Now nobody was threatened or hurt? But I did edit out some scenes and re-upload the content, and it is still there. Why not give creators that chance before terminating a viral video?

Check my shin break video, and then google UFC shin break (Anderson Silva). Use the search terms nasty leg breaks and soccer players breaking their shin. Yet my video is the only one removed? Would you name this biased? Remember, this is my content from the show I promoted, filmed by my production team. I appealed and gave the links to some UFC content like the Anderson Silva shin break. YouTube says: yours is violent content and removed, appeal rejected?

My Latest Content Removal from TikTok and YouTube
The latest removal was from my main channel, where my two sons squeeze each otherís butts (to make it safe, I put an emoticon over those exact scenes) in a pool. They both have their swimming pants on, so they are not naked. They are fooling around and having fun, and I put some fart sounds and emoticons. Is this footage considered child pornography? They rejected my appeal. Their answer is; we removed the content and will not restore it, plus an official warning. I make humorous content and family vlogs. I now have two TikTok strikes on child pornography; this is ridiculous. Here is the video. Judge yourself..