Shocking School Sickness Boon Kids Fever.

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This weekend ends the Boon Family's endless Holiday in Isan and Pattaya, Thailand. The first day at school is going differently than planned. Papa Bas Boon gets a phone call from school; Kato Boon has a fever and needs to come home. Great humor; what timing to get sick, three months of holiday, and now suddenly he gets sick on his first day at school.

Unfortunately, Papa observes that Kato is sick and burning up. For sure, he has a fever.
So, they rush to the hospital, where they check on Kato Boon. The bad news is he has to stay. His heartbeat is too high sometimes, and he has a 40+ degree fever. These are the less pleasant things about being parents.
Papa Bas has to cool down funny son Kato Boon to get his temperature down. A cold cloth with ice water, Kato is not amused. He wants warm water.
After a few hours, the doctors release Kato Boon from the hospital, but Papa is in for a surprise at home. Baby Ken Boon also has a fever, and Kato Boon is crying and bumped his head and has a colossal bandage that is bordering him. What a crazy day to start the week.
The Kids are Better, and it shows.

After a few days, the kids are back to normal health, so Papa Bas and Mama Rak take the kids to get passports for Conan and Ken Boon. The Boon kids definitely feel better. They are up to their usual no good. Bringing them to wait for their passports patiently is mission impossible. The Boon brothers get bored and get ready for a laugh.
On the way back home, the kids are bringing their parents to the edge of being patient. An accident happens in front of them, and they hit the traffic. Ha-ha, what a ride, what a day.

Another KBF YouTube video with Boon kidís stars showing everyday life. Being sick, especially with multiple children and sometimes including the parents, is a very responsible task, and it sometimes can challenge the patience of every parent on earth.
Some little accidents happen now. Imagine you are the parents of the Boon Brothers Brats, Hospital in and out, constant fights, lack of sleep, and they break everything in their path. It's the ultimate challenge for parents.