Oh No! Fun Holiday Ends, School Starts: Boon Kids

Watch the video here; kijk hier: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6Sioy_yMaY&t=202s

It's the end of the most extended holiday ever. It's time for the Boon Brothers to return to their school life in Isan, Thailand. This time was the best and most fun holiday ever. They swam with dolphins and visited islands and waterparks; it was a blast.
They hit the traffic when they drive home to Pattaya on their last day. Not just some ordinary traffic, but it's the end of the Songkran celebration in Thailand. The crazy fun water party knows all over the world. The Boon brothers can't believe their eyes.
Little Ken Boon is almost one year and this year has gone fast. Back in school, there is a ceremony with flowers. Papa and Mama forgot to buy flowers for Kato and Conan Boon, so Papa Bas Boon drives back to school to bring his kids some flowers. Kato Boon is pleased, but not for long; he throws away the flowers and starts complaining about his stomach. I am sick and want to go home.
Papa Bas knows his sons by now and says Kato, these are the first days at school; get used to it. I know you are trying to fool Papa; it won't work. It is funny Kato Boon has to become an actor later in life; he is so good at it. Conan Boon enjoyed his first day at school but missed Pattaya's swimming pool and waterparks.
During the first weekend, Papa and Mama take the kids to Udon, where they have a massive playground for Kids in a shopping centre. They all have a blast with bots autos (dodgem cars). But even funnier for the kids is when the girls and Boon Brothers "play" with their new garden toy. This bamboo couch has a short lifespan in the hands of the Boon Brothers, Kato Boon, and Conan Boon. The crazy kids treat the latest piece of furniture with incredible high jumps, which is devastating.
Time for everyday school life to begin; the question is, what is considered normal when you are a member of the Boon Family?
Try Not to Laugh is Tricky. When You Laugh, You Lose. Get ready for Boon Kids, action, and drama in another KBF YouTube video. Boon time!