Kato Kid Dirty Diaper Prank on Dad

Watch the Video Here: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/-dG4aW002pw

The brat kid Kato Boon is hyperactive once again. When mother cleans a dirty diaper and leaves it in the living room, funny Kato knows what to do. He sneaks on his sleeping father, who is doing an afternoon nap. Suddenly the funny little kid smears the diaper in the face of his asleep daddy.
Papa Bas Boon is instantly awake, and what is that smell? His son and nephew are laughing and laughing and dancing around—time for another round. Now the comical Boon kid takes the diaper and smashes it to Papa, who tries to defend himself on the couch. Oh. No, this is so much fun, that is, if you are the kids and not the dad.

A great short golden oldie reel from the Boon Family in Isan, Thailand. Soon Kato Boon will be five. The time flies. But as in the beginning, the pranks keep on coming. This joke was not the first diaper prank and will not be the last. Always humor in the Boon family with these short YouTube videos. Try not to laugh is tricky; when you laugh, you lose. These are short YouTube fail-videos at their best, lol.